Male Flowers on Zucchini Plant

These are male flowers on a zucchini plant.

male flowers on a zucchini plant



Hello. I started my zucchini and summer squash from seed. I have all male flowers and some leaves are turning yellow with brown spots. They are in a green house and I open the front door during the day for air. Inculcation. Also I started carrots from seed and something is eating the leaves from the stem.

Danielle Carroll

Hi Rose,
It is common for male flowers to come out first. If you are growing in a greenhouse, you will have to hand pollinate the squash unless you have bee boxes or hives in the greenhouse. You will not have fruit otherwise. Do you have any air circulation in the greenhouse other than the open door? Fungal diseases thrive in places where air flow is at a miniumum. This is a guide from Colorado extension on Growing Vegetables in Greenhouses. Different vegetables grow best at different temperatures – some grow in the cool seasons and some require warmth to grow. This publication should give you some ideas on greenhouse temperatures and minimizing problems. – danielle, Bonnie Plants


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