Whether you’re a new gardener or an old pro, a rural grower or an urban farmer, Bonnie Plants offers information, projects, and techniques to make this your best growing season yet. Successful gardens start with careful planning, but a willingness to experiment is important as well. Check our Gardening section often to find timely topics and new ideas for your garden.

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Fresh and Early Salad Plan

Fresh and Early Salad Garden Plan

Lettuces and greens love cool weather, so plant in spring and start harvesting immediately. You’ll be surprised with how much salad you’ll harvest from a small, but well-tended space.
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Plant strawberry plants in a fun and creative strawberry fountain planter project.
Project: Grow a Strawberry Fountain
Growing strawberries is a great way to introduce kids to gardening and healthy eating. This simple project helps you grow strawberries without a lot of space, and it keeps the fruit clean and easy to harvest.

New gardeners should start out with small gardens so they can learn without taking on too much work.
Help For New Gardeners
Learn how to get started with your first vegetable garden. Site selection is most important. Also, start small. Then, just relax and enjoy the best vegetables you’ve ever eaten.

Raised bed with kale
Raised Bed Gardening
Raised beds increase your depth of good garden soil and allow for better drainage, plus you’ll have more room than in traditional rows. They’re great for vegetables, herbs, and flowers.

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  • How Much Do I Plant?
    The perfect sized garden yields all the vegetables that you need and some extra to share with friends. Use this guide to help you determine exactly how much of your favorites to plant.
  • Project: Hay Bale Garden
    You can use hay bales to build a raised bed. This simple technique creates a temporary garden bed that holds soil and retains moisture for good growing conditions.
  • Try Bonnie Herb & Vegetable Plant Food
    It’s important to feed your plants when planting and periodically throughout the growing season. Try using our natural liquid plant food this season and we bet you’ll see bigger, better results.

Gardening Resources

You can buy a plastic compost bin at the store.
How to Create a Compost Pile
There are as many ways to make a compost pile as there are gardeners. You can create a freestanding compost heap, buy composting bins in many styles, or build your own compost bin.

Greens are one plant that tolerates frost well.
Find Frost Dates for Your Area
Weather matters, especially when you’re a gardener. Many planting instructions will tell you to plant after the last frost. This map gives you relative information about your first and last frost dates.

This is a super easy raised bed project that anyone can build.
Video: Super Easy Raised Bed
This 4- by 8-foot raised bed is a snap to make in a couple hours using inexpensive materials from your local hardware store. Watch the video and follow our step-by-step instructions.