Better Bush Tomato Plant in Container

Sometimes tomatoes in pots do better than those in the ground because of perfect soil and improved air circulation. Better Bush is a great variety for containers.

Better Bush tomato plant in clay pot with ripening fruit


muruye stephen

i want to begin a tomato planting garden. i kindly request for guidance on a one acre plot of land.

Danielle Carroll

Hello –
You are ambitious! Start with this Bonnie Plants article on growing tomatoes. Starting on an acre – I would get a soil test before you plant. Those are available for minimum fees at your local extension system. Depending on your soil type, you may also want to add some organic matter to improve the overall health of the soil. Tomatoes will require some sort of support whether you choose determinate or indeterminate varieties. Start with a plan before you do anything. Things you need to consider – insect, disease, and weed control as well as varieties , soil prep, and plant support. This section of the website on garden planning should get you off to a good start. – Danielle, Bonnie Plants


I have a husk cherry tomatoe plant from Bonnie. It is very healthy, large and has bloomed for weeks with no tomatoes. Not one! What can be the problem?

Mary Beth

Hi Jan, It sounds like you are experiencing a lack of pollination or blossom drop. Read more about it in this article. With luck and better weather, you should be enjoying tomatoes soon. ~Mary Beth, Bonnie Plants


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