Do all okra varieties have spines?

Some varieties are listed as "spineless." However, the term is a description of the okra pod itself, and not the plant. All plants have at least tiny, fuzzy spines that cause burning and itching when you rub against them. Wear long sleeves and gloves to harvest okra if you are bothered by the prickly plant.

What do you do with the extra okra plants in the planting cups when transplanting?

Transplant as is. Do not try to separate them. They will grow fine.

My okra plants are about an inch tall, but are not growing at all. What can I do to help them along?

It has been too cool for okra to grow much. Okra likes hot weather. Temperatures in the 80s and higher will help.

After blooms appear on the plants, how long does it take okra to grow to harvest size?

Within two or three days after blooming, okra pods are ready for cutting. The tender pods are best for eating. The longer the pod stays on the plant, the more woody it becomes to the point where you can't eat it. However, some gardeners let the pods mature and get woody to use for arrangements.