Cinnamon Basil

The flavor of cinnamon basil is especially suited to dishes that include fruit.

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Cinnamon Basil

(Ocimum basilicum ‘Cinnamon’)
  • Type: warm season annual
  • Planting time: after last frost in spring
  • Features: cinnamon-spiced, aromatic leaves
  • Light: full sun
  • Soil: fertile, moist, but well drained
  • Spacing: 12 to 18 inches
  • Plant size: 18 to 30 inches tall, 12 to 18 inches wide
  • Garden use: in containers, herb or flower garden
  • Culinary use: use like Sweet Basil, cooked or fresh; popular in Italian and Asian cuisines

Smaller than Sweet Basil, this narrower-leafed variety is known for its darker color and spicy, cinnamon-like aroma and taste. Has distinctive cinnamon-colored stems. Great for containers. Goes beautifully with fruit, or in Asian or Indian dishes.

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