Pet Grass

Pets like to nibble on this fast-growing annual grass.

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Pet Grass

(Elymus hispidus)
  • Type: Annual
  • Planting time: Spring, fall
  • Features: Vibrant green blades that look great and attract pets
  • Light: Full sun
  • Soil: Fertile, moist but well drained
  • Plant spacing: 9 inches
  • Plant size: 6 to 12 inches tall
  • Garden use: Grown for pets to chew

This grass is attractive to dogs and cats. They need a little grass in their diets, especially if they do not spend a lot of time outdoors, where they will often chew on whatever grass is available. This easy-to-grow grass is also called intermediate wheatgrass, but it is not the wheat from which bread flour is made. This is originally an Asian pasture grass that was introduced to the US many years ago for pasture and fodder. You can grow it in pots for your indoor pets, or plant it in beds outdoors for animals that spend time outside.

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