Great Gardens Start Here
Great Gardens Start Here

Bonnie knows best.

Bonnie Plants has a reputation for making it easy to grow veggies and herbs at home, regardless of your experience level. With Bonnie Plants available in all 50 states, our plants never have to travel far before coming home with you. Whether you’re looking for basil, tomatoes or peppers, you’re closer than you think to your very own homegrown food.

Local is key

Local is key.

With over 70 growing stations across the country, Bonnie Plants never have to travel far to reach you.

Homegrown goodness

Homegrown goodness.

Experience the joy of growing your favorite veggies and herbs at home.

Tasty tips & tricks

Tasty tips & tricks.

Bonnie offers not only a wide variety of products but also an abundance of gardening tips.

Roots run deep

Roots run deep.

Bonnie brings over 100 years of heritage to the table.

Bet on Bonnie

Bet on Bonnie.

With an impressive success rate, Bonnie stands out from other plants.

You can't grow wrong

You can’t grow wrong.

Bonnie Plants makes it easier for you to grow your dream garden.