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User’s Guide to HOMEGROWN
with Bonnie Plants App

Our new app, HOMEGROWN with Bonnie Plants, makes it easy to plant, grow, track, and share your best garden ever – no Wi-Fi required. To find out all the cool things this FREE app can do, watch the video below or scroll down to go through the app at your own pace.

Everything You Need Right on Your Dashboard

Consider the app Dashboard to be your home base, with easy pathways to all of the major parts of the app. To discover the app’s many features, mouse over the red or blue dots on each screen as you scroll down this page.

* If at any time you wish to return to the app Dashboard, simply double-tap the title of the screen you’re on.

Weather + Planting Dates = Alerts to Help You Grow

The app provides hour-by-hour weather and long-range forecasts for your location. Plus, it combines that information with the planting dates you’ve entered to generate important alerts for events such as frosts and drought.

Photo Galleries Help You Keep – and Share! – Garden Successes & Challenges

Keep a visual record of your garden, then share your photos via text or e-mail, or on social media, with ease. It’s a great way to show friends and family how your garden is growing!

Homegrown with Bonnie Plants - Dashboard

Adding Notes Is an Easy Way to Track What’s
Happening in the Garden

Think of this as the ultimate garden diary – no pencil required.

Grow Guides Give You the Info You
Need for Success

You choose the plants, then we give you details on how to plant, grow, and harvest them, from spacing and sunlight requirements to common issues and companion plantings.

Keep Track of What You’ve Planted

A glance at the “My Garden” screen will tell you everything you’ve told the app you’re growing this season.

Your Favorites

Use this as a wish list for plants you want to grow, a record of your favorite already-planted items, or both.

Choosers Help You Find the Right Plants

Having a hard time deciding what to put in the garden? Use our Tomato Chooser or Pepper Chooser to get recommendations, or browse through suggested growing collections with themes like Beginner Garden, Pizza Ingredients, and Salsa Fixings.

All the Information You Need to Grow

Ideal for new gardeners, these articles provide in-depth information on topics like container gardening, fertilizing, and what to do in a drought.

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