What Plants Need to Thrive

Growing your own food is one of the most satisfying things you’ll ever do. It’s good for your body – and soul – and you won’t find fresher produce. For the best chance of a delicious harvest you’ll want to give your vegetables and herbs the growing conditions they prefer. Don’t worry – there are no mysteries or closely guarded secrets to success, just a little tender loving care!

What plants need to thrive

Plants need three things to thrive: sunshine, good soil and access to enough water. Exact requirements vary with each plant, so it’s important to check the growing information for details.

The good news is that Bonnie plant varieties sold locally to you will be perfectly suited to your area. All you need to do is keep plants watered and fed. Follow the instructions on the accompanying label and your plants will respond with luscious growth and tasty pickings.

Container-grown plants need a good potting mix that holds onto moisture while providing plants with nutrients and an anchor for their roots. Container plants have a more limited root system and tend to dry out quicker, so they will need watering more often. On the flip side growing in containers avoids potential soil problems and you can tailor conditions to perfectly suit the plant.

Plant for success
The options for growing veggies and herbs are many and varied. Where you grow will depend on your specific circumstances. But no matter how much space you have there’s always something you can grow. Everyone can enjoy the incredible satisfaction of growing their own!

Way to grow: In the ground or in containers? The choice is yours! Start small and work your way up. Growing in one or two containers is a great way to begin, while a 12x24-foot planting area will offer steady harvests for a family of four.

Ground control: Everything begins with your soil. Prepare the ground for your veggies by clearing the area of weeds then loosening it to a depth of at least eight inches. Now mix in lots of compost or soil conditioner with a fork or tiller. Don’t forget to rake the ground level before planting.

Plant like a pro: Bonnie’s biodegradable pots avoid unnecessary root disturbance and prevent yet more plastic trash. Simply soak the pots before planting, remove the label and pot bottom then bury the pot right up to the rim before thoroughly watering in. And that’s it! Pots naturally break down to add more organic matter to the soil.

Pick your perfect plants
Choosing what to grow is both exciting and sometimes a little confusing. Seek inspiration with Homegrown by Bonnie chooser guides. Tomatoes and peppers present a particularly bewildering array of tasty choices. So let’s help you on your search for the perfect pepper or top tomato. See what catches your attention and will work in your garden, then start dreaming of all those tasty pickings!