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Bonnie Plants and are uniting the power of growing with the power of caring to bring access to fresh produce into more communities through donations to local food pantries.

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Bonnie Plants launched Grow More, Feed More in 2020 with the goal of donating 10 million pounds of fresh, garden-grown vegetables to food pantries nationwide. We have donated $600,000 to (equating to 4.9 million individual servings of produce) and called on our employees, who, through volunteer days and competitions, were able to give 50,000 pounds of their own homegrown produce.

Additionally, Bonnie Plants donates a percent of online sales to each year. Your decision to buy from Bonnie Plants helps support the fight against hunger, and if you also donate part of your harvest to a local pantry, you'll multiply the impact of your efforts. The initiative is now deeply rooted in Bonnie Plants culture and will remain as long as the need to offer fresh food to our neighbors is there.

"With Bonnie's mission to enhance people's lives through the power of plants, we are in a unique position to make a positive impact and we have an obligation to find new and innovative ways to extend that impact as far as possible."

— Mike Sutterer, Bonnie Plants President and CEO was founded on the idea that there is a more effective way to connect the excess supply of fresh food with local demand. By directly linking home gardeners with local food pantries, the organization helps make fresh produce more widely available. There are more than 33,000 food pantries across the country and has partnered with over 8,000 so far. Their aim is to get every pantry registered so that millions of gardeners across the US can help stamp out food insecurity for over 40 million of their neighbors, and never let another tomato, cucumber, or head of broccoli go to waste. Your efforts can make a real difference. Here's how to join the cause:

  • Grow Bonnie Plants in your garden. If you buy them online from, a percent of your purchase goes to
  • Once your produce is prime for picking, use to find a food pantry near you.
  • Donate any extra or purposely grown vegetables, knowing they will help nourish your own local community.

  • Share what you are doing on social media, and tag Bonnie Plants and
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Our ambitions are as high as our hopes. Every home gardener, including you, has the amazing power to change lives with some plants, soil, sunlight, water, and love. Won't you join us and help us reach our goal of delivering 10 million pounds of fresh produce to those who need it most?

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