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7 Tips for Getting Kids in the Garden

By Amanda Davis Getting kids excited about chores can be a challenge, but gardening doesn’t have to be a chore. We gathered stories from our Bonnie gardening friends on Facebook on how they encourage their own kids to enjoy both gardening and the delicious, healthy food it provides. Read on for 7 ingenious ways to… Read more »

Decorating Cupcakes with Edible Flowers

By Susannah Felts Back in March, I took my 5-year-old daughter Thalia with me to the Farmers’ Co-op to pick out some vegetable plants for our garden-to-be. The garden would, after all, be “hers”—a project she and I would work on together, with some assistance from her dad. Soon after we arrived at the co-op,… Read more »

How to Get a Kid to Eat Lettuce

While it’s been a cool, slow growing season so far, our buttercrunch lettuce, planted back in late March, looked ready for picking this week.

My Favorite Gardening Books for Kids

A few mornings ago, we woke up to see an unwelcome surprise outside the window. “Is that snow?” Thalia asked me. “Why is it snowing if it’s spring?” Oh, to see a child’s blossoming ability for logic confounded by the irrationalities of the natural world!

Planning Thalia’s Vegetable Garden

It’s getting to be that time of year again – planting season! – and I don’t know about you, but we are so ready. 

Garden Lessons From My Parents

Friday is my 4-year-old daughter Thalia’s favorite time of the week, hands-down.

Perspective in the Garden

By Renee Adam Rain, intense heat, humidity, thunderstorms, etc….we’ve had it all this summer in Birmingham. I’m not complaining about the rain…I’d much rather have a lot of rain than have drought conditions like many places around the country are experiencing this summer. But, it pains me to admit that my summer garden hasn’t done… Read more »

Showing Kids the Garden of Their Dreams

By Cheryl Lange What do you get when you have about 80 first-through-fifth graders visit the Bonnie Plants Trial Garden in Union Springs, Alabama? Answer: A lot of “out of the mouths of children” moments. Dream Field Farms, founded and managed by Bonnie Plants employees Cathy and Tom Ellis, treated their day campers to a… Read more »

Smorgasbord in the Garden

By Renee Adam “A little bit of this…a little bit of that….a bite or two of another!” That is what the garden pests are doing to my veggies and fruits as they plow through my raised beds! It seems like the minute I stepped back and admired my garden, the troubles began (does that ever… Read more »

Planting the AHA Teaching Garden at “The Lorax” World Premiere

Last year, I had the opportunity to meet Kelly Meyer, the Founder of the American Heart Association (AHA) Teaching Gardens, and to become involved in their efforts to educate children about the value of gardening and healthy food choices. Bonnie Plants provided expert gardening advice and planning for the planting of AHA Teaching Gardens across the country. One of… Read more »

Bonnie Plants and Green Education Foundation Promote “Garden as a Teaching Tool”

The Green Education Foundation (GEF) recently launched the “Garden as a Teaching Tool” program with support from Bonnie Plants. The program provides educators with resources to create sustainable gardens for their own schools, including a new section of the GEF website that offers everything from garden designs to small garden projects to lesson plans that… Read more »