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Mom’s Stuffed Peppers

It’s the most wonderful time of the gardening year. The harvest is pouring in, and we’re dreaming up summer food recipes galore on which to gorge ourselves.

How to Preserve Hot Peppers, In the Dark or Otherwise

By Kelly Smith Trimble Are you in the dark about how to preserve hot peppers you’ve harvested from your garden? Well, let me tell you a story about what happened to me this morning. Talk about being in the dark… I woke up early and decided to make and can pepper jelly using the ingredients… Read more »

Advice for Cool Climate Gardening from Our New Hampshire Trial Garden

This trial garden update comes from Deke Jackson, Bonnie Plants Field Representative in Canterbury, New Hampshire, where planting begins in May and the summer harvest starts now, in July. Deke offers advice for fellow gardeners in cooler climates. We just started picking tomatoes from the garden last week. Checking my records from last year, it… Read more »

My Poblano Plant Rocks

By Lois Chaplin This is the second year that I’ve grown a Poblano pepper plant and the success from year one is repeated once again. What an incredible plant this is! Both years it has grown 5 feet tall and so wide that we’ve tied the branches to tall stakes to keep them from breaking… Read more »

Patience and Technology Pay Off

By Renee Adam I could probably name a dozen reasons in less than 10 seconds of why my iPhone4 was a good purchase. Actually, I could probably do that several times over. However, the main reason behind my purchase was the capability it lends me in writing and posting this blog.  Let me explain…. One of the… Read more »

Let the Fun Begin!

I am so excited to dive into the blog this summer. I have so many blog ideas running through my mind that sometimes my thinking stops me from actually getting started. I seem to do the same thing when it comes to getting my vegetable and herb garden planted every summer. I’ve heard the same… Read more »