Foodie Fresh - Select Varieties, unique flavors.
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Bonnie’s New Foodie Fresh Line: Plants for People Who Love to Cook (and Eat!)

Everything tastes better when it’s homegrown, and the very best produce comes from strong, hearty plants grown from top-quality seed. That’s why we’ve has teamed up with Burpee to bring you our new “Foodie Fresh” line of Bonnie Plants grown from exclusive Burpee Seeds. Each variety has been hand-selected to be a home chef’s best friend in the kitchen, adding fresh, unique flavors to your home-cooked meals. Looking for exciting new ways to use your harvest? Scroll down for six mouthwatering recipes, all using our new Foodie Fresh varieties. Bon appetit!

Selected Varieties

Try these Amazing Recipes

BLTs with White Cheddar Pimiento Cheese

Enjoy an inspired spin on two diner classics, made even tastier with maple-flavored bacon, a hint of horseradish, and the meaty goodness of our Steak Sandwich Tomato.

Curried Squash Burgers with Tomato Chutney

Curry powder and other spices lend exotic flair to burgers made from Cupcake Squash and chickpeas. Tangy-sweet Napa Grape Tomato chutney adds complexity to the flavor.

Roasted Eggplant with Herbed Labneh

In this wonderfully flavorful vegetarian recipe, smoky and nutty meets fresh and creamy. Make it using Meatball Eggplant for its satisfying meat-like texture!

Peach Basil Sangria

The pungent, peppery flavor of Pesto Party Basil combines with sweet summer peaches for a refreshing sipper that only gets better as it sits. Perfect for a party or barbecue.

Scotch Egg Stuffed Peppers

This savory recipe takes an old English comfort food favorite to a whole new level. Using smaller-size, colorful Pinot Noir bell peppers makes this an eye-catching side dish.

Summer Dream Gazpacho

Sweet Tangerine Dream and Lemon Dream peppers plus the unexpected addition of green grapes bring bright, fresh flavor to this refreshing chilled soup.