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Placing your vegetable garden behind a privacy fence gives you the freedom to experiment and not worry about maintenance 24/7. It also provides the separation you need to create a garden destination. Here are 10 tips to help set your creativity free when designing your screened garden.

Screen Garden Tips:

  1. Worship the sun. Make sure there is enough light. Walls and fences can cast shadows that shade plants.
  2. Provide easy access. Gates should be four feet wide (so wheelbarrows can fit through) and paths should be at least two feet wide.
  3. Decorate the screen. Hang art on the structure that separates the garden from the rest of your property.
  4. Create your own compost. Save room for bins or tumblers that make composting easy. (Don’t like the look? No need to locate these right next to the garden.)
  5. Pave with good intentions. Your garden path can add real polish. Choose angular gravel that will lock in place so it moves less underfoot. Brick pavers are lovely, but can be pricey. Economical mulch should be packed to stay put.
  6. Build with quality materials. Heed this advice regardless of where you place your garden. Choose lumber that weathers well, such as cedar, cypress, treated pine, or redwood.
  7. Have water nearby. If you don’t have a spigot handy, add one, or purchase a contractor-grade hose (with hose-end shutoff valve) to run out to the garden.
  8. Don’t hide your tools. Well-displayed on a wall or rack, they add ambiance and create a vibe that’s all your own.
  9. Hook ‘em high. A gardener can never have too many hooks. Use them to hang tools, gloves, and hoses, and or for drying herbs.
  10. Keep a journal. Make note of weather, planting dates, rainfall, and crop placement. You may even be tempted to wax poetically about your favorite bean or melon … go right ahead!

Bonus tip: Give your plants a strong start by planting them in premium quality soil (try Miracle-Gro® Raised Bed Soil in raised beds or Miracle-Gro® Potting Mix in containers) and feed them throughout the season with a continuous-release plant food like Miracle-Gro® Shake ‘n Feed® Tomato, Fruit & Vegetable Plant Food. You’ll be rewarded with big, beautiful plants and a copious harvest!


Article written by Rebecca Reed.

Screened Garden: wooden compost bin
A handsome, well-built compost bin is one you won't have to hide away. Image source: iStock.com/annalovisa
Screened Garden: tool wall
Consider painting your tool wall a vibrant, eye-catching color.

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