A garden filled with butterflies is one happy-making place. Not only are these winged wonders beautiful to watch, but they help perform the crucial task of pollination that leads to a bountiful harvest. Parsley, both curled and flat Italian, and dill serve as food while they’re in the caterpillar stage, then the colorful flowers on the squash and pineapple sage (plus on the parsley and dill, when it starts to bolt), encourage them to stick around after they’ve reached adulthood.

Planting the 4 x 4 – Foot Bed

Take inspiration from these planting options, but feel free to mix things up a bit based on your tastes. These plants are pictured small to make the illustration simpler, but your bed will be spilling over as the plants grow! Following the spacing guidelines found on the individual plant tags (you can add a few more plants than we have pictured if space allows), and know that you’ll need cages for the pepper and tomato plants.

4x4 Butterfly Garden Illustrated
4 x 4 Butterfly Garden Illustrated.

Area 1 – Curled Parsley and Summer Squash

  • 2 curled parsley plants
  • 1 summer squash plant (straightneck, crookneck, or zucchini)

Area 2 – Flat Italian Parsley

  • 2 flat Italian parsley plants

Area 3 – Fernleaf Dill

  • 4 fernleaf dill plants

Area 4 – Pineapple Sage

  • 2 pineapple sage plants

For excellent results, fill your bed with premium quality raised bed soil, such as Miracle-Gro® Raised Bed Soil, which is just the right weight and texture for raised bed growing. If you want to expand your garden, place two 4 x 4 beds symmetrically on either side of a 3 to 4-foot path, which should be just wide enough for you and your tools. Try our Tea Garden or Fresh and Handy Herb Garden for the second bed. Feed plants with Miracle-Gro® Pour & Feed® Singles to ensure they get all the nutrition they need.

Butter Fly Garden Zones
Butter Fly Garden Zones