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Your Gorgeous Front Yard Garden

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Yes, you can plant vegetables and herbs in the front yard! Just keep in mind that while some neighborhoods may celebrate your efforts, others will frown. If your community has strict HOA policies, review them first, then check out these beautiful ways to create a front yard garden.

Front Yard Garden Methods

  1. Flank the front door. Add containers brimming with goodness by a sunny entrance. Replace spent plants immediately for non-stop harvest and beauty.
  2. Hedge your bets. Camouflage veggies behind rows of tidy boxwoods. You may be surprised how textural the leaves will look, peeking above the tidy hedge.
  3. Rise to the occasion. Train cherry tomatoeseggplantscucumbersbeans, and even pumpkins on wooden trellis towers painted to match the trim on your home.
  4. Dress a window. Plant window boxes with seasonal herbs and pair with annuals for a punch of color.
  5. Make the switch. Mass-plant lettucecabbageskale, herbs, peppers, and more in place of annuals like pansiessnapdragons, or lantana.
  6. Become a perennial favorite. Add rosemary and lavender to the border. Shapely and evergreen, they can be clipped, hedged, or allowed to billow.
  7. Greet the mailman. Pair no-fail herbs like parsley with pansies, mint with marigolds, and basil with zinnias for spring-to-fall interest. Spice things up with peppers and lantana.
  8. Walk this way. Plant low-growing beauties like thymeoregano, and strawberries between stones or to the sides of a path.
  9. Fill a void. Disguise bold zucchini squash between a sweep of shrubs along the drive. As long as there’s sun, three to four plants will discreetly produce enough to share with neighbors.
  10. Know when to say when. The minute a plant starts to flag or production is nearing the end, say goodbye by ripping it out. Also, don’t hesitate to trim or cut over-vigorous plants back by half – especially in summer. Stay on top of garden tasks, and your neighbors (and the HOA) will have little to complain about.

To help your front yard garden grow big and beautiful, growing plants in rich, well-draining soil is key. When planting in-ground, improve the soil by mixing in Miracle-Gro® Garden Soil for Vegetables & Herbs with the top few inches of your existing soil. If raised beds are more your style, choose a lighter weight soil that drains beautifully, such as Miracle-Gro® Raised Bed Soil. Containers require the lightest, fluffiest planting mix, so use Miracle-Gro® Potting Mix. For a harvest that will catch your neighbors’ eyes, you’ll also want to give your plants consistent nutrition by feeding them with a continuous-release plant food like Miracle-Gro® Shake ‘n Feed® Tomato, Fruit & Vegetable Plant Food. Treat your plants to this bit of TLC and they’ll reward you with a gorgeous front yard!


Article written by Rebecca Reed.

Front Yard Garden: artichokes
Artichokes grown in a container by a front window add visual interest both inside and out. Image source: Wahlborg
Front Yard Garden: flowering thyme on stone wall
Flowering thyme softens the look of a stone wall and fills the air with fragrance as you brush past. Image source:

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