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As the COVID-19 pandemic tightened its grip on America, Bonnie Plants sought a sustainable way to help those impacted. Bonnie Plants and united to leverage the power of growing food to address some of the overwhelming demands being put on food pantries nationwide by the COVID-19 pandemic.

In launching the Grow More. Feed More initiative, we set a goal to inspire home gardeners to donate 10 million pounds of fresh, garden-grown vegetables to food pantries across the country. In 2020 Bonnie Plants donated $50,000 to, equating to 400,000 individual servings of produce. We also called on our employees to donate vegetables. Through organized volunteer days and internal competitions, our employees were able to give 22,000 pounds of fresh produce to local pantries across the country in our mission to fight food insecurity.

The commitment to offer fresh, homegrown food to our neighbors in need continues to grow during the 2021 season. Bonnie Plants has increased our financial commitment to $200,000 to help fight hunger, and we continue to donate 5 percent of all sales to in 2021. The pledge is a deeply rooted part of Bonnie’s culture and will continue long after the COVID-19 pandemic is behind us.

“As we see the COVID-19 crisis affect more of our friends and neighbors, we feel we are in a unique position to make a positive impact and we have an obligation to find new and innovative ways to extend that impact as far as possible.” 

–  Mike Sutterer  (Bonnie Plants President and CEO)

Grow more. Feed more. - Raised Bed Garden is a nationwide resource that is reducing food waste and hunger by making it easy for home gardeners to connect with local food pantries in order to donate excess homegrown produce. The organization was founded on the basic idea that there is a more effective way to connect the excess supply of fresh food with where the demand is needed.

There are more than 33,000 food pantries across the country, and has partnered with nearly 8,700 of those food pantries to make their information accessible to home gardeners who have internet access. aims to have all 33,000 food pantries registered in their online database so the millions of gardeners across the US can help stamp out food insecurity for over 40 million of their neighbors and never let another tomato, cucumber, or head of broccoli go to waste.

Our partnership has the potential to make a real difference in this period in our country and it goes beyond growing and donating; Bonnie Plants and are creating a national effort that inspires neighbors to help neighbors by growing their own backyard #VictoryGarden. 

Here is how you can support the Grow more. Feed more. initiative

The action we’re asking everyone to take is simple, but powerful; we are encouraging all gardeners to grow more than ever this spring and then to bring the yield of their victory gardens to a local food pantry, using to find the best location for them. In this way, we can make it possible for the fresh vegetables that are grown locally to help nourish those in the same community, with results that are felt nationally.

  • Go to and look for a pantry near you. If you know of a food pantry in your area, ask them to connect with if they haven’t already.
  • Expand your garden and donate the extra produce to your local food pantry.
  • Share what you are doing on social media and tag Bonnie Plants and
Grow more. Feed more. - Picking Tomatoes

Food pantries get most of their food from food banks, which are supplied by food drives. This process can take days or weeks, so the availability of fresh produce is extremely limited. By connecting home gardeners directly to local food pantries, is helping to solve this problem.

Our ambitions are as high as our hopes. Every home gardener, including you, has the amazing power to change lives with some plants, soil, sunlight, water, and love. Won’t you join us and help us reach our goal of delivering 10 million pounds of fresh produce to those who need it most?

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Grow more. Feed more. - Herbs and Veggies in wood buckets
Our First Food Pantry Harvest. Spring 2020, Union Springs, AL

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