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How to Plant Bonnie Biodegradable Pots

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We invite you try this easy way to start your vegetables and herbs. These biodegradable pots by Jiffy have spared the use of many pounds of plastic.

Here is the trick to handling our pots:

Keep plants watered while they wait to be planted. Don’t let them dry out.

For best results, drench the pots thoroughly just before planting. Then let them drain for a few minutes before putting them into the ground. The pots turn a dark brown when they are wet.

Remove the label from the pot. Cutting it with scissors is the easiest way.

Peel off the bottom of the pot before placing the plant in its hole. This exposes the roots to ensure that they make direct contact with the soil. If the pot falls away from the root ball, this will not affect the plant. You can compost any pieces of the pot or turn them into the ground, where they will break down, adding a little organic matter to the soil.

Bury the pot so the top of the root ball is even with the ground and the rim is no longer visible. If the pot dries out, it can rob moisture from the roots. Exceptions to this depth are tomatoes and cabbages, which are planted deeper. See the How to Grow Tomatoes and How to Grow Cabbage for planting depth on these.

Avoid air pockets. When refilling the planting hole, gently press the soil back into the hole, leaving no empty spaces, or air pockets, underground.

Water thoroughly after planting. This will allow the pot and soil settle in place.

We trust that you will find using Bonnie’s exclusive biodegradable pots by Jiffy an easy and responsible way to garden. Bonnie Plants have served gardeners since 1918.

Jiffy Brand Biodegradable pots

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