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Taking a moment to make notes during growing season can be very important.

Make a few notes concerning how each vegetable or herb is doing. Note the type of weather (for example: dry summer or very wet?). Every growing season, make a few sketches of what is planted where or take pictures. The notes you make can become a valuable resource and help guide you as you ready your garden for the next year. We all assume we will never forget, but time can erase some valuable information from our gardening memories. A few notes made now can keep those memories fresh.

Some things that you might keep track of:

  • Your favorite varieties and why.
  • How many pounds you picked. It is fun to weigh your produce over time to see how it adds up.
  • When insects or diseases appeared so you’ll know when to look for them again in the coming year.
  • Anything new that you didn’t have room to plant but want to try next year.
  • The date you planted and when the plant stopped producing, to help you plan future second-round plantings.
Make notes of happenings in the garden each year. It will help you learn for your mistakes and successes.
Keep notes each growing season to help you stockpile the knowledge you gain in the garden. Some gardeners may prefer a written journal, while others might want to type up their notes and store them in their computer.

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