Steve Asbell - G2B13 Design Challenge Winner

Recently, Bonnie Plants and P. Allen Smith challenged a talented group of noted garden bloggers to come up with a creative edible container garden using an arrangement of three pots (one 24-inch, one 18-inch, and one 14-inch). Winner Steve Asbell of The Rainforest Garden let his palate take the lead. “I’ve always love the exciting flavors of Thai food, so I decided to combine them into a colorful container garden display. They’re perfectly suited for the heat of summer, even in my Florida garden!” he says. “The heat of the peppers and basil balance nicely with the cooling flavors of cilantro and mint, and each of the ingredients is versatile enough to be used in Latin American and Caribbean cuisines as well. The marigolds are edible, too, plus they add color to the arrangement and repel insects!”

overhead view of My Thai Cocktail container garden

Florida-based illustrator, author, and blogger Steve Asbell began gardening—and writing about it at—a decade ago when he turned a lawn into a bustling backyard rainforest as a gift to his ailing mother. He has since revamped his blog to focus on garden lifestyle, inspiring readers to incorporate nature’s beauty into their homes via crafts, décor, cooking, and gardening. He is the author of Plant by Numbers, to be released in 2014.

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