Take the Guesswork out of Gardening

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There are millions of backyard gardeners in America. All of them ­— from newbie to knowbie — greet the approach of spring with an equal measure of excitement and enthusiasm.

For most, the delight of growing, nurturing, and harvesting fresh vegetables and herbs for their family’s table far outweighs the setbacks. And one way to begin the growing season with a bang is with starter plants like those you’ll find with Bonnie Plants.

You can’t grow wrong with Bonnie Plants.

Bonnie helps you grow as a gardener, regardless of your experience level, and gives you complete control of what, when, and where you choose to plant. That’s what makes Bonnie Plants the ideal way to start your garden. We’ve been helping gardeners across America grow fresh vegetables and herbs since 1918 by providing a wide variety of starter vegetables and herbs as well as advice and resources to make for rich harvests and happy outcomes.

Grow Big. Spend Little.

Time-tested means of managing Mother Nature.

Whether you’re a first-time gardener or a gardener extraordinaire, you can get more than just great plants from Bonnie. Aside from our 200+ veggie & herb varieties, you can take advantage of countless tips, tricks, and advice on planting designed to help you get the results you’re looking for. It begins with where you live and what you’d like to grow. With those two simple starting points in hand, Bonnie can guide you to which plant and herb varieties will do well in your locale. You’ll discover when and where to plant and how best to nurture your garden throughout the growing season. Bonnie puts you in control of the many little things that can get in the way of gardening success. It’s what makes Bonnie Plants the best-known and one of the most widely trusted brands of starter vegetables and herbs in America.

Find out why you can’t grow wrong with Bonnie. Learn more about how to grow with Bonnie here, and be sure to seek us out at a gardening center near you. Get gardening with Bonnie.