Gardening to Save Money

Save Money Growing Vegetables and Herbs

Growing all—or even a portion—of your own vegetables and herbs at home pays you back in freshness and convenience. You’ll save money by eating what you grow and making fewer trips to the grocery store. In addition, you make a small contribution to overall energy savings in reduced fuel consumption and transportation costs of market… Read more »

Which Vegetables Are Most Efficient?

This list from the National Garden Bureau (NGB) rates vegetables based on their total yield per square foot, average value per pound, and length of time in the garden. Crops are rated from 1 to 10, with 10 being the most efficient. Tomatoes, grown on supports 9 Onions, green bunching 8.2 Leaf lettuce 7.4 Turnips… Read more »

Collard Country

Union Springs, Alabama, the home office of Bonnie Plants, is also the heart of what you might call Collard Country. This time of year gardens are dotted with the leafy greens waiting for the next frost to sweeten the newest leaves. We are glad that the rest of the country is discovering this nutritious green…. Read more »