Create an Edible Balcony Garden

Balcony Garden: Bonnie Plants on balcony

If you’ve got sun, you can grow an edible garden.

1. You don’t need a big suburban yard to grow your own food. You can create a wonderful edible garden right on your balcony.

Balcony Garden: potting mix in a crate

An old wooden crate finds new life as a planter.

2. To start, plant space-saving veggies like peppers, bush-type tomatoes, eggplants, bush-type cucumbers, and strawberries, plus herbs. For a creative twist, put them in upcycled containers like wine crates, baskets, or old watering cans – just make sure to add drainage holes.

Balcony Garden: planting a pepper

Peppers make wonderful container plants.

3. Fill each container up to 6 inches below the rim with Nature’s Care® Organic & Natural Potting Mix. Dig a hole, plant, then fill in the area with potting mix, stopping when it’s an inch from the top. Water immediately. You can also hang containers and baskets when planting cascading veggies like strawberries or tomatoes, such as Tumbling Tom Red Tomato plants.

Balcony Garden: feeding a tomato plant

Tomato plants require a lot of nutrients to grow big and strong.

4. A month after planting, begin feeding your plants with plant food. Nature’s Care® Organic & Natural Vegetable, Fruit & Flower Food replaces the nutrients in the soil that are taken up by the plants over time.

Balcony Garden: Bonnie Balcony Garden Complete

An assortment of different containers and plants makes for a beautifully eclectic edible garden.

5. With these space-wise ideas, it’s easy to create a balcony garden paradise of your very own to enjoy.