DIY Veggie Garden Trellis

Garden Trellis: Bonnie DIY Veggie Trellis

Bamboo poles come together to form a simple, attractive trellis.

1. A trellis can be a great structure for keeping climbing vegetables like peas, pole beans, and cucumbers off the ground. It also can be a head-turning addition to your garden landscape.

Garden Trellis: Bonnie DIY Veggie Trellis Getting Started

Be sure to anchor stakes by pushing them several inches into the soil.

2. One of the easiest trellises to create is one with a teepee-style frame. To build it, you only need four 6-foot bamboo stakes and either garden twine or a few long zip-ties.

Garden Trellis: adding soil to Bonnie DIY Veggie Trellis area

Before you construct the trellis, though, you need to prep the soil.

3. First, mix 3 inches of Nature’s Care® Organic Garden Soil into the top 6 inches of the existing soil in the area in which you want to plant. This will improve the quality of the soil by adding organic matter to provide nutrition to your plants.

Garden Trellis: building the Bonnie DIY Veggie Trellis

Using garden twine to secure the stakes adds a rustic look to the trellis.

4. To put the trellis together, anchor one end of each stake in the ground in a circle and bring the other ends together. Secure the gathered ends with garden twine or zip-ties to form a teepee.

Garden Trellis: planting around Bonnie DIY Veggie Trellis

Give each plant its own stake to climb.

5. Plant young plants around the base of each stake. To get the most out of the structure, guide your plants as they grow, loosely tying vines to the stakes with garden twine when needed.

Garden Trellis: Bonnie DIY Veggie Trellis Plant Food

Using water soluble plant food is a real timesaver, allowing you to feed while you water

6. After a month, begin to feed your plants with Nature’s Care® Natural All-Purpose Water Soluble Plant Food, to keep them supplied with nutrients. Follow the directions on the label for best results.

Garden Trellis: Harvesting from Bonnie DIY Veggie Trellis

Not only does the trellis keep plants off the ground, but it makes it easier to harvest, too.

7. Now, watch your plants climb to new heights — literally.