Herb Tower Container Garden

Jenny Peterson - G2B13 Design Challenge Winner

When Bonnie Plants and P. Allen Smith recently challenged a talented group of noted garden bloggers to come up with a creative edible container garden using an arrangement of three pots (one 24-inch, one 18-inch, and one 14-inch), winner Jenny Peterson of J. Peterson Garden Design knew just what to do. “I’m a landscape designer who specializes in small spaces, so I’m always looking for ways to garden vertically to save space,” she says. “I’ve also been reading a lot recently about herb spirals, in which more drought-tolerant herbs are planted on the top so they drain well—and suddenly I had the idea to put the two projects together!”

overhead view of Herb Tower container garden

Jenny Peterson is a garden designer, blogger, and author living in Austin, Texas. At her website, JPetersonGardenDesign.com, you’ll find lots of design tips, DIY projects, healthy living, and recipes from the garden. Jenny is also an urban farmer and vegetable gardener, and is the author of Indoor Plant Décor: The Design Stylebook for Houseplants.