Easy and Tasty 4 x 4-foot Kids’ Garden

Grow a kids garden with a variety of herbs and vegetables.

A mix of herbs, vegetables, and flowers entices kids to work and play in the garden.

Plant a garden for kids using this plan with small vegetables and fragrant herbs that attract butterflies and hummingbirds.Children will love planting and caring for the special, kid-friendly plants in this 4 x 4-foot kids vegetable garden plan. The mix feature kid-sized vegetables—small-fruited peppers, eggplant, and tomatoes—and herbs that attract caterpillars, butterflies, and hummingbirds, as well as adventurous children, with their flowers and fragrance.

You and your child should be able to harvest handfuls of vegetables and herbs from this one planting plan. If you want to expand your garden, place two 4 x 4 beds symmetrical on either side of a 3 to 4-foot path, wide enough for you and your tools. Try the Pizza Garden or Easy Summer Garden for the second bed.

Planting the 4 x 4-foot Bed 

Take inspiration from these planting options. The plan allows for some interpretation depending on your taste. These plants are pictured small to make the illustration simpler, but your bed will be spilling over as the plants grow! Following spacing on the plant labels, adding a few more plants than we have pictured if the spacing allows.

Plant a garden for children using fragrant herbs, tomatoes, and peppers. Use this detailed planting plan.

Area 1 – Lettuce, Pineapple Sage, and Mint

Mint is easy and tastes and smells fresh—plant it in a pot, then plant the pot. You can replace the mint with a fourth lettuce plant if desired.

• 3-4 leaf lettuce (choose Buttercrunch, Romaine, or Red Sails)
• 1 mint (optional, in sunken pot)
• 1 Pineapple sage

Area 2 – Parsley or Dill

Choose from the following:

• 4 parsley (choose Italian or Curled)
• 4 Fernleaf dill

Area 3 – Tomatoes, Peppers, or Eggplant

This design provides enough space for two taller plants in cages. Choose two from the following:

• 1 Yummy Snacking Pepper
• 1 Hansel or Gretel Eggplant
• 1 Cherry Tomato (such as Husky Cherry Red, Sun Sugar, or Sweet Cherry)



I am thinking of setting up a 4×2 feet box on the deck for my kids. Which is the most compact type of tomato and hot pepper plant? What other easy and prolific vegetable plant can fit in there?
Ps: I live near Atlanta ga

Mary Beth

Hi Ria,
We have just the tool for you! Check out the Tomato Chooser and Pepper Chooser. You can check off attributes that you are seeking, such as “good for containers,” “heirloom,” and many more. Have fun clicking around to see all of the varieties that suit your taste. We’re glad to see that your children will learn about nature and food with you! ~Mary Beth, Bonnie Plants

Danielle Carroll

Hello Ria,
Take a look at this article on planting a 4X4 summer garden. If you are looking for a compact tomato, try Husky Cherry Red, Bush Early Girl, or try this cool tomato selector to pick a size and tomato type you like. Most pepper plants are shorter and more compact than tomato plants. There may not be enough room for another large plant, but low growing herbs would fit nicely.
Happy Gardening,


My kids school has something similar to this. I’d like to try it at home with them, however, how do I keep bugs from eating up the plants?

Danielle Carroll

Hi Jessica,
Insects will always be a part of vegetable gardening. You plant it, they will come. You may find this article on solving problems in the garden helpful. And this article on problem solving as well. Each article talks about different methods used in the garden to help combat pest pressures. The problem solver also has links to individual vegetable plants to help you ID the correct pest.
Happy Gardening,


Hi, just came accrozz these great plans, thank you for these resources, however, I believe I have missed my chances for a spring/summer garden…I am NE Florida…This plan looks like a great start if I am not to late for the kids and I to do. What do you think> and also for fall and winter planning? any of these would be a better choice to look at starting to prepare for. Thank you again…Abigail

Mary Beth

Hi Abigail,
We are so glad you find these useful! You have not missed the window for planting, though may we suggest alternatives for the cool-season plants like parsley and lettuces? Instead, try basil to accompany the tomatoes, or other summer herbs that suit your tastes. For Fall/Winter in your area, incorporate the lettuces again. Good luck! Let us know how it grows. ~Mary Beth, Bonnie Plants

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