How to Build a Super Easy Raised Bed

Make this 4- by 8-foot easy raised bed from 3 8-foot boards that you can have cut to size at the store. One 8-foot board needs to be cut into 2 4-foot sections. (To reduce the size to a 4- by 4-foot raised bed garden, simply have 2 8-foot boards cut into 2 4-foot sections.) To build it, all you do is screw the boards together at the corners. We used 2×12 boards for beds 12 inches deep, but 2×10 or 2×8 boards will also create beds deep enough for planting.

Download a printable pdf guide to building a Super Easy 4×8 Raised Bed and watch the how-to video below.


  • 2 8-foot 2×12 boards
  • 2 4-foot 2×12 boards
  • 3½-inch deck screws
  • 12 32-quart bags of premium potting mix or 22 bags of Miracle-Gro® Raised Bed Soil
  • shovel
  • cordless drill