What Can I Grow in a Pot?

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When you need a tomato or a pinch of fresh basil, nothing is more convenient than stepping out the kitchen door to your container garden of vegetables and herbs. Containers will go anywhere as long as there is a source of water and plenty of sunshine. You can grow almost all vegetables in containers—just remember that big veggies need big pots.

Suggested Varieties

Pros and Cons

The Pros of Containers

  • Easy to put anywhere
  • Save space
  • Neat and decorative
  • Can be convenient to the kitchen
  • Provide perfect soil
  • Use less water overall
  • Avoid soil-borne problems such as nematodes
  • Can move some herbs indoors for winter
  • Easy to replant
  • Great for anyone who has limited reach

The Cons of Containers

  • Need water more often than in-ground or raised beds
  • Small pots limit plant growth and size



I would like to plant tomato and cucumber in pots this year rather than in ground. My tomatoes do well in the ground, but I want to try something new. My cucumber in ground have never been successful. What size pots would I need?

Danielle Carroll

Hi Theresa,
This article on What Size Pot should help you out with any vegetable you would like to grow. Burpless Bush Cucumbers are great for containers as the vines only get about 2 feet long- or you could plant cucumbers in a container next to a trellis so they could climb. -danielle, Bonnie Plants

Lisa B

I bought 3 summer squash (zuchinni) plants. How far does each plant need to be planted away from one another (and other veggies)?

Danielle Carroll

Hi Lisa,
Set your zucchini squash transplants about 3 feet apart. (You can plant a couple per hill in each spot). I would allow 3 – 4 feet between rows – if you are planting in rows. -Danielle, Bonnie Plants


Can I grow radicchio in a container? What size? I bought 4 small plants from a local gardening store. I live in zone 5 in Missouri.

Danielle Carroll

Hi Kita,
Yes you can. I would use a container at least 8 inches in diameter per plant.
-Danielle, Bonnie Plants


How can I successfully grow grapes, raspberries and strawberries in containers? What would be the best soil type, container size? Any ideas??

Thank you,

Danielle Carroll

Hello Patty,
Growing strawberries in containers is easy and lots of fun. This strawberry fountain is a neat way to grow them and so is growing them in smaller containers and hanging baskets. Growing grapes may be a little more difficult since they need a long trellis to climb on. Vermont Extension also has some helpful hints on growing fruits in containers.
-Danielle, Bonnie Plants


my husband has trouble with tomato seeds to grow in starter pots.what is he doing wrong.help

Danielle Carroll

Hello Tinalee,
Starting seeds indoors usually requires additional lighting. A sunny window or house lighting may produce leggy seedlings. Soil mixes that are not heated may also result in poor growing tomatoes. You can visit this extension page to learn more about starting your own transplants idoors.
-Danielle, Bonnie Plants


My daughter brought a mega-cabbage home from school and we want to grow it in a pot. I know this will hopefully grow very large. What size pot do you recommend to start with? We are very new to growing vegetables!

Danielle Carroll

Hi Brooke,
How exciting! Read more about growing your cabbage for the 3rd grade cabbage program here. A pot at least 18″ – 24″ is recommended for proper growth. Good Luck!
-Danielle, Bonnie Plants


i LOVE Bonnie plants and container gardening! this will be my fourth year container gardening and i have found that i have been able to grow virtually anything in a pot! i have grown indeterminate tomatoes very successfully for the past two years and a beautiful cucumber plant in a pot. i find that the staff here is very helpful to answer any questions and there is a lot of useful information on the website. i get so excited when i see a Bonnie truck on that highway and i can’t wait to get started this spring….well, i have already started! lol

Danielle Carroll

Hi Nichole,

That’s wonderful news, keep up the good work!

Happy Gardening,
Danielle, Bonnie Plants


I want to plant tomatoes, carrots, and cucumbers inside for the winter so I have fresh produce… I have a room that faces the south that gets a good amount of sunlight. How do I go about doing this? I live in Minnesota and winters are very cold. How warm do I need to keep the room?

Mary Beth

Hi Lori,
Wow! That will take a little extra work on your part, to trick it out of season and indoors. For instance, you will need to mimic sunlight in addition to temperature/warmth. As much as you think it might get ample light from the window, you may still need a grow light overhead, for good measure. Cucumber blooms will need to be pollinated by honeybees, insects or human help if there are to be cucumbers. Read this article on what it takes to create a cucumber. Tomatoes flourish in the warmth of summer and do not like to be cooler than 60s, though 75+ is better. You might consider something equally nutritious and fresh without need for long-term maturity/care and pollination, such as leaf lettuces, arugula, spinach, or Swiss Chard. Does that help? ~Mary Beth, Bonnie Plants


This information has been really helpful. I bought 4 tomatoe plants and a pepper plant that are Bonnie Plants at my local Wal-Mart. Thank you!

Christy from Tulsa, OK

Kelly Smith

Hi Christy,

I’m so glad you found the info helpful! If you’re growing in pots, be sure to look through all the articles in our Container Gardening section.

Happy growing!
Kelly, Bonnie Plants

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