The Greener Grower

A man harvest greens in a beautiful vegetable garden.

By planting and growing fresh vegetable and herb gardens, Bonnie Plants and our customers make the world a lot greener. But it goes even deeper for us. We are dedicated to expanding our green mission by providing environmentally sensitive gardening products and by employing sound, sustainable practices in our growing facilities. Bonnie makes it easier for you to practice sustainable gardening at home. The following are just a few of the ways that Bonnie Plants is going greener for you.

Biodegradable Pots by Jiffy

Herb plants grow in a peat pot that can be planted in the ground.

Our 100 percent biodegradable pots are made from all-natural materials used to supplement garden soils and as ingredients in premium potting mixes. These pots help prevent transplant shock. Just remove and recycle the label, tear off the bottom of the pot, and drop into the planting hole, and plant the pot (making sure to bury the rim). As the pot disintegrates, it becomes part of the soil. Watch a video of how to plant our pots.

Bonnie’s exclusive biodegradable pots have prevented hundreds of millions of plastic pots from ending up in landfills. They’ve also dramatically reduced energy and petroleum required in the manufacture of plastic pots. Bonnie Plants, offered in biodegradable pots, are available at garden retailers across the country. We are the country’s largest wholesaler of vegetable and herb plants for home gardeners, with plants grown in greenhouses in over 70 locations, serving the 48 contiguous states, to allow for regional differences and conditions.

Heirlooms and Hybrids, Not GMOs

Bonnie Plants grows hundreds of varieties of vegetables, herbs, and flowers. All of our plants are either heirlooms or traditional hybrids. We do not grow plants from GMO seed. As a Bonnie gardener, you can rest assured that your plants are non-GMO.

Plant Food from Natural Seed Extract

Bonnie Plants Herb & Vegetable Plant Food is derived from natural sources.

Our Bonnie Plants Herb & Vegetable 8-4-4 Plant Food is derived from natural seed extract that offers the life-supporting power of a seed in a Little Green Jug. This special plant food formula is good for plants and the soil. Learn more on our plant food page.

Reusing and Recycling

The recycling facility at our headquarters reuses and recycles supplies, tags, pots, and plant container trays. A tumbler recycler allows us to separate our reusable materials, further reducing the amount of waste that goes to a landfill.

Sustainable Energy Production

At our headquarters in Union Springs, a new 62,000 square foot greenhouse is heated through a clean wood-burning process designed by Lee Energy Solutions of Guntersville, Alabama. To create fuel for heat, the system burns wood pellets made from trees harvested locally using sustainable forestry practices. The system then reuses the smoke produced by this burning as a secondary source of fuel, creating a closed loop with minimal byproducts.