The Smarter Choice

It’s More Than Just a Plant! Why Bonnie’s The Smarter Choice! Bonnie Plants makes it easier for you to garden smarter and live better. It’s about being greener, for sure. But it goes a little deeper for us. After all, we’ve been growing plants since 1918, a time when sustainability was a lot more than a word—it was a way of life. Our founders were living sustainably without even knowing it. It was just called living to them. Today, Bonnie Plants is sensitive to the needs of our whole planet. We’re also aware of your individual needs. You want fresh, safe, quality vegetable and herbs plants. You also want hundreds of options. We promise: Bonnie Plants delivers. Here’s how.

What Bonnie Means

Best Biodegradable Pots

Bonnie’s exclusive, 100% biodegradable pots by Jiffy are one-of-a-kind. They prevent transplant shock and can be put into the soil “pot, plant, and all.” Since we began using these pots, Bonnie and our gardeners have prevented hundreds of millions of plastic pots from ending up in landfills.

Hands planting Bonnie's Biodegradable Peat Pot

Fresh, Quality Plants

Bonnie’s quality plants are shipped to your favorite local retail outlets from our 70+ greenhouse locations around the country, from Washington to Florida and New Hampshire to New Mexico. This system allows us to deliver the best regional varieties and the freshest possible plants directly to your local stores.

Cluster of Fresh Bonnie Plants and produce

Hundreds of Varieties

We offer nearly 300 varieties of vegetables, herbs, and flowers. That’s more than 40 herb varieties and the same number of vegetable plants, including over 60 tomato varieties to choose from for your garden! Your local selection is hand-selected based on the growing conditions of your region.

Fresh Quality Plants on a table

Heirloom or Hybrid, Non-GMO

Among our list of plant varieties are both traditional hybrids and heirlooms—more than 50 heirloom varieties, in fact! All of our seeds come from several trusted sources. We do not grow plants from GMO seed. As a Bonnie gardener, you can rest assured that your plants are non-GMO.

Heirloom and Hybrid non-GMO vegetables

Naturally Based Plant Food

Bonnie Plants Herb & Vegetable Plant Food is the same fertilizer we use in our greenhouses to grow the lush, well-rooted plants you find at your local garden store. This unique formula uses oilseed extract, which is known to contain nutritional compounds that enhance and benefit overall plant growth.

Bonnie Plants Plant Food

How to Plant Bonnie Biodegradable Pots

Bonnie Original Tomato Plant in the Biodegradable Peat Pot
Bonnie Original Tomato Plant in the Biodegradable Peat Pot