Planting Projects + Harvest Hacks

You don’t need a lot of time to grow your own delicious dinner! We’ve paired simple, speedy planting projects with quick-fix, gourmet-style recipes tailor-made for busy people who love good, fresh food. Each planting project combines two vegetables and one herb that grow well together in a single big container and complement each other in the kitchen. The planting itself will take just minutes, and the resulting mini-garden is perfect for your deck, patio, or anywhere you have a sunny spot. Once harvest time comes, use your bounty to create one (or all!) of a trio of gourmet dishes. Each combines those fresh veggies and herbs with convenient, pre-prepared ingredients like rotisserie chicken and pre-made pie crust, and requires just 15 minutes or less of hands-on time. Choose one of the planting projects below to get started, or go straight to any of the mouthwatering recipes

Cucumbers, Peppers & Dill Planting Project - Complete
Dill and Cucumber Gnocchi
Gnocchi with Dill Butter Sauce
Greek Chicken Salad Pitas
Greek Chicken Salad Pitas
Sweet Potato and Blue Cheese Nachos
Sweet Potato and Blue Cheese Nachos!
Cherry Tomatoes, Snap Beans & Thyme Planting Project – Finished
Athenian Shrimp with Arugula
Athenian Shrimp with Arugula!
Pesto and Summer Vegetable Tart!
Tomato and Snap Bean Quiche
Tomato and Snap Bean Quiche!
Zucchini, Tomatoes & Basil Planting Project – Finished
Caprese Burger
Caprese Burger!
Pesto and Summer Vegetable Tart!
Warm White Bean Bread Salad
Warm White Bean Bread Salad!