Aloe Vera (2-Pack) 2PK | 4.5" (19.4 oz) pot

Aloe Vera (2-Pack)

2PK | 4.5" (19.4 oz) pot

Trendy succulents look great both indoors and out, but aloe vera offers more than just pretty decor: the clear gel inside the plant helps heal wounds and soothes sunburned skin! This easy-to-grow, tough plant adds beauty to the garden but grows well inside, too. Plant in a sunny, well-drained location outside in year-round warm climates, or grow aloe in a container to bring in when temperatures fall below 50 degrees. (Use cactus potting mix for best drainage.) If you’re growing it inside, place in bright, indirect light. Keep aloe in the kitchen for a quick burn remedy. Tender perennial.


Type                           Tender perennial, houseplant

Planting time             Spring or fall

Features                    Evergreen, succulent leaves with an upright habit

Light                           Full sun

Soil                             Well-drained, cactus mix for containers

Matures                     3 years

Spacing                     18 to 24 inches apart

Plant size                  18 inches tall

Uses                           Container garden, houseplant, medicinal

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