Braveheart Cherry Tomato
Sweetly delicious Braveheart grow in profusion throughout the summer.

Braveheart Cherry Tomato

  • Light: Full sun
  • Matures: 60 to 70 days after planting
  • Fruit size: 1 ounce
  • Plant spacing: 36 inches apart
  • Plant size: 5 to 7 feet tall
  • Plant type: Indeterminate

Hybrid. Start the tomato season off with these early-maturing cherry tomatoes. Plants are very prolific, yielding lots of bright red fruit that are the perfect balance between meaty and juicy, and very richly flavored. Fruits have excellent shelf life and resist cracking. Use these gems in salads or shish-kabobs, or snack on them straight from the vine. Be sure to use stakes or tall cages to support plants.

Resistant to fusarium wilt (F), tomato mosaic virus (ToMV), gray leaf spot (St), leaf mold (LM).

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