Pinot Noir Sweet Bell Pepper Harvest
Crisp, refreshing peppers look like they were designed by a painter.

Pinot Noir Sweet Bell Pepper

  • Light: Full sun
  • Matures: 70 days after planting
  • Fruit size: 5 inches long
  • Plant spacing: 18 to 24 inches apart
  • Plant size: 18 to 24 tall
    • Who says you have to choose between beauty and flavor when it comes to what you grow? These peppers, with their mix of light green, yellow, purple, and red hues, look like works of art in the garden. Crisp and sweet, with thick, firm walls, fruits are as tasty raw as they are stuffed or baked. Unlike many other peppers, plants continue to produce even in hot, humid weather. Mature peppers may need staking for support.

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      Bonnie Plants grows this Foodie Fresh variety, grown from Burpee-exclusive seed, in a limited number of regions.

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