Close up Try Basil Leaves
Why choose just one? This trio of basil varieties offers lots of versatility in the kitchen.

Try Basil

  • Type: Warm season annual
  • Planting time: After last spring frost
  • Features: A variety of basil flavors and fragrances in one collection
  • Light: Full sun
  • Soil: Fertile, well-drained but moist
  • Spacing: 12 to 16 inches apart
  • Plant size: 24 to 30 inches tall
  • Garden use: Containers, herb gardens, vegetable gardens, edible ornamental
  • Culinary use: Italian and Asian dishes

This eye-catching trio offers three distinctive basils in one collection, with a range of flavors and fragrances. You’ll get a mixture of traditional Italian Genovese basil, gorgeous dark red basil, and striking serrated-leaf basil all in one pot—an excellent, versatile choice for home chefs! Plants grow well in containers, and thrive when harvested regularly. Make sure all chance of frost has past before you plant basil outside.

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Bonnie Plants grows this Foodie Fresh variety, grown from Burpee-exclusive seed, in a limited number of regions.

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