Marinated Feta Cheese


Once you make this recipe, you’ll want to keep a jar of marinated feta on hand for those last minute guests or as a delicious snack. Serve with sliced meats and crusty bread, or crumble with tomatoes and cucumbers for a light summer salad. The feta should keep for a few months in the fridge, as long as it remains covered by olive oil, so add additional oil as needed.

Yield :  1 pint jar (or ½ lb) marinated feta



  • Cut feta cheese into cubes. Fill a pint-sized glass jar or container with feta, herbs, and chili. Pour in olive oil until the jar is filled (or at least until the contents are fully covered).
  • Secure an airtight lid and refrigerate overnight (or longer). Let mixture come to room temperature before serving.
Marinated Feta Cheese
Marinated Feta Cheese!

Featured Ingredient: Garlic Chives

Easy-to-grow garlic chives pack a lot of flavor for their compact size. Similar to the flavor of green garlic, these chives are less heavy on the peppery-bite but still lend plenty of savory flavor depth. Garlic chives and their beautiful white flowers make a great addition to salads, soups, dressings, and homemade pickles, not to mention your landscape. A wonderful addition to an herb garden, they grow great in containers. Learn how to add chives to your garden.

Garlic Chives
Garlic chives growing strong.

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