Stir-Fry Trio
Combo Container

Light: Full sun

Variety Harvest Time* Harvest Yield*
Patio Baby Eggplant 30-35 days 40-50 fruits
Islander Bell Pepper 30-35 days 10-15 fruits
Super Chili Pepper 35-40 days 55-65 fruits

When to Harvest:

Patio Baby Eggplant – Fruits are 2”-3” long
Islander Bell Pepper – Fruits are at least 3” long
Super Chili Pepper – Fruits are bright red

Plants produce a chef-worthy collection of small, brightly colored fruits that hold up well to heat. Perfect for stirfries and other skillet meals.

Water when soil is dry to the touch. Feed regularly with plant food for best results.

* estimated

Varieties in the Container

Patio Baby Eggplant

The glossy, purple-black eggplants are never bitter, even if you leave them on plants for a few days once they ripen.

Islander Bell Pepper

These sweet peppers color up fast, ripening from a light lavender color all the way through to a very dark red if left on the plant long enough.

Chili Red Hot Pepper

This beautiful plant looks like an ornamental, but its fruit is edible, too—and quite potent!