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Simple Ways to Cook with Herbs

By Julianna K. Grimes Cool weather herbs like cilantro, sage, and thyme can be so easy to grow that it’s not unusual to end up with an overabundance in the garden. That’s great, but it can leave even experienced cooks wondering about the best ways to make use of all of it all. Let this… Read more »

Welcome to the Food Swap!

Vegetable gardeners are generous people. We have to be, right? With all the bounty our gardens provide in the summer—not to mention all the love we’ve bestowed to get them to that fruitful place—sharing is a natural thing.

My Best Basil Pesto Sandwich Ever

By Susannah Felts I simply adore basil—the taste, the aroma, even how the plant’s leaves look, so plush and wide and green. In the summer, I can hardly get enough of the stuff. It goes in the Thai stir-fry that my husband Todd makes, in a simple-syrup added to lemonade or lemon sorbet, in caprese… Read more »

Gifts That Grow

When it comes to giving gifts, I’ve turned a new leaf (no pun intended) and started thinking about giving plants instead of more of the unnecessary trinkets we all seem to have too many of. One thing that inspired me was a grape leaf vine sprig given to me by my mother a while back… Read more »

Planting a Spiral Herb Garden

Of all the patterns seen in nature, spirals might be one of the most fascinating and most often mimicked by artists, architects, and even garden designers. Spirals reveal themselves subtly around us almost everywhere. Look at how flower petals form in whorls or how pinecone scales circle the cone. The shape of a nautilus shell… Read more »

Rethinking Rosemary

By Renee Adam After I cleared and prepped my vegetable beds, I really took notice of how nice and neat they looked when I took pictures for this post. It was then that I noticed the two rosemary plants I had planted last year. Ha! They looked better than ever. Even though I’d walked past… Read more »

Braving the Rain at Garden2Blog

The Bonnie Plants marketing team just returned from three wonderful (and wet) days with P. Allen Smith, his staff, and 24 garden bloggers from across the country. While our original schedule called for all-day outdoor activities, Mother Nature had other plans. This week, tornadoes touched down in Arkansas, Tennessee, Georgia, and our home state of Alabama…. Read more »