Bonnie Plants Pro Keith Poche Finishes Third in Bassmaster Classic


Bonnie Plants Pro Fisherman Keith Poche made a huge splash at the 2012 Bassmaster Classic in late February. The 3-day event was located in Shreveport, LA, just outside of Keith’s hometown of Natchitoches, LA.  The Classic is the most coveted title in all of professional fishing.

At the end of day 1, the Bonnie Plants Pro had soared to the top of the leaderboard, out-fishing 48 of the world’s best fishermen. Keith’s early success landed him on dozens of websites and TV stations, and in newspapers all across the country by nightfall. As changing weather conditions approached, Day 2 would turn out much different as Keith fell 9 spots to 10th place. Knowing he would need a huge final day to get back in contention for the win, Keith quickly put day 2’s performance behind him. He would go out on Sunday with a positive mindset that the day would be different and he still had a shot at the Title.

During the cold early morning hours while reeling in a large fish, Keith swiftly dove across the deck of his boat without hesitation as the “Lunker” broke free from his line. In a desperate attempt to grab the airborne fish, which could have ultimately been worth half a million dollars, he found himself flying over the side of the boat and into the frigid water. Soaking wet and climbing empty-handed back aboard his boat, the day’s challenge had suddenly become even more daunting. Pausing briefly to dry off and gather his composure, Keith went back to work. After battling fatigue, stress, and all of nature’s elements for 8 hours, his livewell was full with a limit of fish and it was time for weigh-in. Stepping onstage to weigh-in his catch, he took a deep breath, knowing he had given his all and overcome everything the day had thrown at him.

Or so he thought!  As the scales lit up and his weight was announced, the hometown crowd of 9,000+ fans erupted with Poche regaining 1st place. Keith nervously sat center stage as the final 6 anglers walked up one by one hoping to take the lead away.  The energy and excitement in the arena grew louder and louder as each of the first 4 competitors came up short. Finally, with only two remaining anglers, Keith’s total was surpassed and he would finish 3rd in his first ever Bassmaster Classic.

Bonnie Plants would like to congratulate Keith Poche for a job well done and a great finish in the 2012 Bassmaster Classic. You can follow Keith throughout the 2012 season at or at We would also like to thank everyone who visited our booth at the Expo and wish you a bountiful spring in the garden and out on the water.