Gardening Quotes to Get You Through the Summer

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In the beginning, when the garden is fresh and new, you can’t wait to get outside. Mid-summer, though, when the heat blazes and your plants seem to go into slo-mo, you may need a little inspirational pick-me-up. We’re on it! We’ve gathered 10 gardening quotes that celebrate some of the many reasons we love to get out and grow. Share your favorite quote with Bonnie Plants on Facebook.

No. 10: Remember, the weeds are there to grow your character.

No. 9: Hey, it’s a learning process, right?

No. 8: Your addiction to gardening is eternal. Just embrace it!

No. 7: It seems even Shakespeare had weeds! Remember these wise words when you’re fertilizing.

No. 6: All the dirt, sunshine, and everything else that goes with gardening — it’s good for your soul!

No. 5: It’s your own little piece of nature (yes, even the weeds).

No. 4: If you’re waiting on those red bell peppers to color up, you can relate to this.

No. 3: Seriously, it seems like we can never get our nails clean. Know what we mean?

No. 2: Unless of course, you pick the green tomato and fry it.

No. 1: Did we mention gardening teaches patience? Those pumpkins will be worth it. Trust us.

So, this weekend when you’re catching up on weeding, keep these gardening quotes at hand to remind you why you’re out there. Or if your tomato is a giant monster that has gotten 10 feet tall, remind yourself that you are growing your own little (crazy) piece of nature. Or even if you’re on your way to a dinner party and you realize your nails are still slightly dirty — think of it as a badge of honor. Share the quote that encourages you when gardening gets tough on our Facebook page!


Article written by Amanda Davis.