Got Bolting Greens? Gather Those Blooms for a Pretty Arrangement

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When collard greens bolt, they produce yellow flowers that you can use in an arrangement.
Bolted collard greens produce pretty yellow blooms. These stems gathered in my garden lasted indoors for a few days.

When your cool season greens last into the warm season, they naturally begin to flower.  The plants get taller, stretching up a big stalk that will be topped with yellow blooms. This is when the plants are telling you it’s time to pluck them from the garden and replace them with warm season crops like tomato, pepper, and cucumber. However, bolting greens don’t have to go straight to the compost bin. Gather them up and put them in a vase. The big stems are beautiful. Although they will shatter quickly indoors, you can enjoy them for a few days as a free bouquet from the garden. Cut them at the base of the stem, cut off the leaves, and put the stems in water. You can even add the little yellow blooms from your spent collards, broccoli, mustard, and kale to salads! They taste deliciously peppery.

By Lois Chaplin, Bonnie Plants

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