Let the Fun Begin!

I am so excited to dive into the blog this summer. I have so many blog ideas running through my mind that sometimes my thinking stops me from actually getting started. I seem to do the same thing when it comes to getting my vegetable and herb garden planted every summer. I’ve heard the same from friends, too, who buy their plants and want their gardens to be so wonderful that they put off planting, and then the next week rolls around, and before they know it, the plants shrivel and die.

Newly planted raised bed
Flowers add color to a bed of veggies.

This year I got ahead of myself. In mid April, I took my drip system out of the beds, tilled the soil with a shovel, put in the needed fertilizers, replaced the drips, and set out my plants. I needed 24 hours to watch the sun and make sure they were in the right place before I dug holes and made them “permanent.” And then I needed another day… and then another. Before I new it, a week had passed and I was running down every day watering instead of letting my drip system do the hard work. And then it was Monday again and Bob (our friend who helps takes care of our grounds) was there, offering to help dig holes and put my veggies and herbs in the ground.

Plants set out before planting
Garden planning by arranging plants before planting.

Hmmmm…were they in the perfect spots? I couldn’t think…I had to get to the school to pick up my kindergartener, and then run by the grocery, and then I would have time to really think about my garden. While I was gone, Bob proceeded to dig holes and plant all my veggies and herbs in the garden, and when I arrived back home an hour later, it was done. DONE!

I was glad…relieved actually. After all, he had planted them where I placed them. My garden was in! Now that it was in, I realized it wasn’t so “permanent,” and I could move anything I wanted if I needed to. It was in and the fun could begin…ahhhh….the FUN begins!!