soaker hose in vegetable garden
By irrigating my soon-to-be-planted vegetable garden with a soaker hose, I won’t have to spend tons of time watering. Love it!

Like so many people these days, I’ve got a lot on my plate: I have a part-time job and a household to run, not to mention three very busy young daughters, a husband, and several animals to care for. Who has time to water?

I do! Because when it comes to my garden, I have a secret time-saving weapon: an irrigation system with a timer. I’ve laid a soaker hose in my vegetable garden and use drip irrigation for my blueberry bushes and flower beds – and the whole system comes on automatically, without my having to lift a finger. Sounds wonderful, right?

It is. Having an irrigation system has taken something major off my to-do list: spending a huge chunk of time to manually keep our vegetables, fruits, flowers and other plants alive. Every day, the auto-timer turns on the watering system that I’ve carefully placed near each plant and voila! The plants get watered. So now I can stroll down to the gardens in the early morning while enjoying a cup of tea instead of dragging a hose. No longer a chore, spending time with the garden (and usually a daughter or two in tow) has become a fun and relaxing ritual. It’s really liberating!

I’ll admit, too, that it’s nice not having to try to talk one of my neighbors into coming by the house to water the garden when we go out of town.

drip irrigation for blueberry bush
Using drip irrigation to water my blueberry bushes is great for both the environment and my wallet because it puts the water right where it’s needed, with no waste.

I also love the fact that using an irrigation system is good for the environment, since it uses less water and puts that water exactly where the plants need it (on their roots). Even our girls are aware of how precious water is (we remind them often). Okay, and yes, it helps us save on our water bill, too!

There are many different soaker hose and drip irrigation options, depending on how much you want to spend and how much time you’re willing to devote to installing them. Your best bet for finding one is your local (or online) home improvement store — they usually have some wonderful kits with detailed instructions.

It’ll be money well-spent, trust me. I cannot imagine our home without our beautiful gardens! They add so much beauty to our landscape and provide a way for our family to spend time together, growing our own vegetables, fruits, and herbs to enjoy at our table. Having an irrigation system allows me to spend quality time with the people I love – without having to stress out so much about that to-do list.

So if you’ve always wanted a garden to enjoy but never thought you’d have the time, this just may be the answer you’ve been looking for!