Need Help Knowing What to Plant? Use Our 4 x 4 Garden Plans!

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Plant a pizza garden for fresh ingredients for homemade pizzas.
Our Pizza Garden plan delivers fresh ingredients for homemade pizza right to your kitchen garden.

Last year, we designed and planted several themed garden plans in our Alabama trial garden so that we could test them and then share them with you. An illustrator worked from my sketches to create the layouts you can find in our Garden Planning section. There is something for every season and for multiple tastes—from tomatoes to herbs to focused themes such as ingredients for a Pizza Garden, Mediterranean Garden, and Salsa Garden. We also recently added a design for an Easy & Tasty Kids’ Garden.

I especially had new gardeners in mind when creating these garden plans, because garden layout is always a question. If you are new to gardening, we hope that these help.  They are all simple and based on the idea that if you are growing things in a 4 x 4-foot raised bed, they will be intensively planted. Cut the herbs back often (dry or freeze the extra) and make sure that tall plants such as peppers and tomatoes are staked to keep them in bounds. Put cucumbers on a trellis. A 4 x 4 garden is not big, but it may surprise you with quite a bounty! Let us know how yours worked out. Send us a comment here, or, when you plant and harvest from your 4 x 4 garden, post pictures on our Facebook page.