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Pests in the Garden


Striped Colorado Potato Beetle
See the striped Colorado potato beetle in the middle of this picture.

They’re baaaaaaaack! Just when you think all is well in your garden, think again and do a little investigating between and under the leaves. I hope you don’t find what I have found, but if you do, get rid of it!! I met these guys for the first time last year, and here they are again.

The pests I’m referring to are Colorado Potato Beetles, a.k.a. annihilator. They eat potatoes, tomatoes and eggplant (don’t let their pretty colors fool you).

It’s amazing how they show up just in time to graze through your garden.

Though I really don’t mind sharing a few things here and there, these beetles would wipe out my tomato plants and eggplant if I left them alone, so I had to get rid of them. According to Wikipedia, few pesticides will rid your garden of them, but since my goal is to go the organic route in regards to pesticides anyway, pulled them off my plants by hand and then squashed them with my shoe (icky).

Cluster of red eggs under a leaf.
Here is a cluster of red orange eggs on the backside of an eggplant leaf. You have to look everywhere for pests. They hide.

After I took care of the beetles, I found eggs under the leaves. As you can see from the photo, they are orange/red colored. I scraped them off my eggplant leaves with a small stick and flushed them down the toilet.

If you have the time, look over your garden daily for pests that can wipe out your garden, especially if you are going out of town for few days. You’ll have plenty of beautiful vegetables to dine on if you do. I have a few stories I’ll share with you along the blog about uninvited guests (pests) that dined on my garden last year!

I plan on sharing whatever pest I find in my garden so you can be on the lookout, too. For more info on the Colorado potato beetles.

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