Swiss Chard Takes Center Stage

Swiss Chard in a white urn
Bright Lights Swiss Chard at the Southeastern Flower Show in Atlanta

This week, we’ve been setting up two raised bed gardens and several container gardens at the Southeastern Flower Show in Atlanta. Here it is the end of February, and our vegetable and herb plants are huge with lots of ripening fruit—baby eggplants, cherry tomatoes, and bell peppers. How’d we do it? These plants were started in January in one of our greenhouses in Union Springs, Alabama. While we’ve been braving winter’s cold outside, the plants have stayed warm inside those insulated greenhouse walls.

The show opened to the public today, and the biggest hit by far has been our prize pot of Swiss chard. We planted a few Swiss chard plants in a large, classically shaped urn, and the result exceeds even our own expectations. The secret is in keeping the design simple—just Bright Lights Swiss chard and a pretty container. The multi-colored stems of the Bright Lights variety really shine. So far, it’s the star of the show!

Speaking of stars, we heard P. Allen Smith speak this afternoon to a packed audience at the show. He talked about small-space edible gardening. We really loved his tip about gardening in containers. Containers are a great solution for gardeners who have limited space or who just want an easy-care option. You can control the soil and water better than in in-ground gardens. Just remember to use a really good quality potting soil when you plant. Check out more tips on successful container gardening on our web site.

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