Our Top 10 Facebook Shares for 2013

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Looking back over our most popular social moments for 2013, we’ve put together a list of our top 10 Facebook shares — and learned a few things about you, our Facebook fans, in the process. Here’s what we’ve discovered:

No. 10 

You know what squirrels are thinking. (Either that, or you just really like to win Dirty Fingernail Club t-shirts.)


No. 9

You think this tomato looks like either Jimmy Durante or Casper the Friendly Ghost.


No. 8

You care about your soil pH. (Need a little refresher? Check out this soil pH article.)


No. 7

You feel good from your head to your to(mato)es.


No. 6

You love DIY projects, especially this strawberry pyramid.


No. 5

You love seeing giant cabbages and the cute kids who grow them.


No. 4

You know a good recipe when you see one.


No. 3

You aren’t scared of porcupines.


No. 2

You know (and care) who grows your food.


No. 1

You get the whole pollen thing.


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