Whatever You Want Your Garden to Grow, Bonnie Has It

Whether you’re hoping to harvest tomatoes or tomatillos, lemon balm or bee balm, strawberries or sage, Bonnie Plants are the way to start off on the right leaf.

Bonnie offers gardeners over 200 varieties of vegetable and herb plants. So no matter where you live or how green your thumb, you’re bound to find the vegetables and herbs that suit your food fancy.

Choose from a plethora of options.

Bonnie is a well-known brand of starter vegetables and herbs in America. We offer 80+ tomato varieties, 50+ kinds of peppers, and 30+ types of herbs as well as a wide array of cabbages, strawberries and leafy greens. As for herbs, we grow a bunch of basil such as Sweet Basil and Holy Basil, as well as many types of mint like Chocolate Mint and Sweet Mint. We also grow traditional garden standards like rosemary and sage or harder-to-find herbs like bee balm. We even offer plants for your pets like catnip and pet grass. Safe to say, you’re likely to find just what you’re looking for from Bonnie.

Grow Big. Spend Little.

Find the best match for your garden.

Our website makes it easy for you to sort through our selection of herbs and veggies to find out which ones are the newest, most popular, or what kind of awards they’ve won. And with our tomato and pepper choosers, you can easily sort through the many varieties we offer to choose the best match for your garden and yourself.

The go-to garden plants for everyone from novice to seasoned pro.

We’ve been helping people grow their own food since 1918. Our goal is simple: to give folks the opportunity to grow farm-fresh, delicious vegetables and herbs to meet varied tastes and needs. Ask around. Most gardeners know us by name. You’re likely to find Bonnie wherever people go to get their gardens started. Learn more about our story by going to our website. And get growing with Bonnie Plants.