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9 Ways to Grow Tomatoes

Tasty and terrific, tomatoes offer garden magic at its best, transforming yellow blossoms into juicy fruits. But perhaps the most amazing thing about tomatoes is their adaptability. These yummy gems grow and thrive in a host of ways, from classic in-ground beds to quirky upside-down planters. Let us help you discover which of these ways to grow tomatoes is best for you.

Gardening with an HOA

If you live in a subdivision, development, or condo, chances are you have to deal with an HOA (Homeowners Association). While the goal of this organization is to protect the value of your land by enforcing the rules, sometimes those rules can seem a bit unfair to those who like to grow their own food. Some communities limit gardening to back or side yards only, while others prohibit it altogether….

Garden Planning Ideas from FB!

This time of year, most gardeners we know are doing at least a little bit of garden planning. We turned to our Facebook community and asked how you plan your own garden every year, and you gave us some great ideas! As you’ll see below, garden planning is like creating art: Whether you account for… Read more »

Spring Fever? We’ve Got Tomato Fever!

Anticipating spring is one thing, but what’s really got us dreaming is the prospect of that first juicy tomato. We’ve gathered some of our favorite tomato harvest Facebook posts of 2014. Give yourself license to dream while browsing through them, then don’t forget to share your photos with us as your tomatoes ripen this coming… Read more »

How to Use Manure as Fertilizer

If you’ve been gardening for any length of time, you’ve probably know of folks who use composted manure as fertilizer. After all, it’s high in nutrients and can work wonders in the garden — plus, it’s free! It can be difficult, though, to know not only which kinds of manure to use, but also when it’s safe to put in your garden. Use this handy guide to the most common types of animal manure.

Vertical Gardening Ideas

Although vertical gardening has been a trend in recent years, there are good reasons for it to become more of a permanent shift in the way we think about how we garden. Using vertical planes obviously makes sense for those who have limited horizontal space — apartment dwellers and condo owners, for example — but even those who have large properties…

10 Most Shared Posts of 2014

Last year was a banner year for Bonnie Plants on Facebook. We reached 100,000 friends, shared countless gardening tips, and gave away lots of Dirty Fingernail Club swag and garden goodies. So what kinds of posts did our Facebook community like best? Read on to discover our top 10 most shared posts for 2014 — and be… Read more »

Collards and White Bean Soup

By Stacy Harris After the feasts and pastries of the holidays, the new year has reminded me that what my body really wants are the fresh greens and other healthy vegetables growing in my winter garden. I find myself turning to some of my favorite cold weather staple recipes, such as Roasted Broccoli, Kale Pastry,… Read more »

How to Build a Raised Bed Cold Frame

Protect your plants from frost with a simple raised bed cold frame that sits right on top of your existing 4′ x 4′ bed. The lid is held open with screen door closers, and the entire frame can be moved easily when the weather warms up.

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The Garden App You’ve Been Waiting For

HOMEGROWN with Bonnie Plants is here! This handy (free!) app makes it easy to plant, grow, track, and share your best garden ever. Whether you prefer to watch a video or step through the many features at your own pace, let us show you all the cool things it can do. Read More

Hybrid vs. GMO vs. Heirloom

There is a lot of confusion out there regarding the difference among heirloom, hybrid, and GMO plants, especially when it comes to tomatoes. This simple guide sorts it out for you.

How to Build a Fold-Down Greenhouse

This simple, inexpensive greenhouse folds down to protect your plants during early frosts and cold snaps, then can be raised up on warmer days to allow them full access to sunlight and rain.

Keeping Deer Out of the Garden

In spring and summer, deer tend to feed heaviest, because pregnant and nursing does and antler-growing bucks must fuel their seasonal life stages — and those seasons, of course, are when you most need a plan for keeping deer out of the garden.

Row Cover Fabric Equals Protection for Your Plants

When the weather gets cold, we pull on sweaters or button our coats. The extra insulation holds our bodies’ heat inside the protective coverings. The same principle works for garden plants. Like a coat for the garden, a floating row cover will keep the cold night air and chilling winds away from tender leaves, trapping… Read more »

Make a Row Cover Hoop House

Many leafy spring and fall crops are frost tolerant into the 20s, but if you’re dealing with lower temperatures, you need to give them little extra warmth under the protection of a row cover. Depending on their thickness, these blankets give 4 to 8 degrees of extra protection on freezing nights…

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Lemongrass resembles an ornamental grass, forming tall clumps that add movement and texture to container and in-ground plantings. Plants thrive in moist soil and full sun.

Lunchbox Sweet Snacking Pepper

Fill your garden with a healthy snack for lunchtime and beyond. These sweet orange snacking peppers serve both loads of crunch and lots of beta-carotene and vitamin C.

Debut Hybrid Tomato

Can’t wait for that first tomato? Debut yields flavor-filled slicer tomatoes in 70 days.

Charger Hybrid Tomato

This tomato plant produces a large number of heavy fruits that are terrific for slicing.

Amish Paste Roma Heirloom Tomato

Originally hailing from an Amish community in Wisconsin, Amish Paste is a blocky Roma tomato that is beloved by cooks for canning and making sauce or paste.

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Kale Pastry

Kale is the centerpiece of this savory, quiche-like dish that incorporates sweet onions, garlic, and cheese for a complex, delicious flavor. It’s enrobed in flaky puff pastry, and also features walnuts for a bit of crunch. Just the thing for brunch, this recipe goes wonderfully with a side salad and grits.

Creamed Brussels Sprouts

This Creamed Brussels Sprouts recipe will change the mind of anyone you know who claims to hate Brussels sprouts. Adults and kids alike tend to eat them like candy, and you’ll find that the bowl rarely reaches the table full.

Baked Sweet Potato Fries

Serve these crunchy but tender, easy-to-make fries with Chipotle Dipping Sauce for a zingy treat. Or, whip up a sweet, delicious Cinnamon Sugar version of the fries to serve as a mouthwatering, surprising dessert.

Lettuce Cup Tacos

These Lettuce Cup Tacos are simple, healthy, and delicious—and don’t require a bit of actual cooking. Whip some up for lunch or a light dinner, or serve them up as appetizers.

Green Smoothie with Apple

Using lettuce in your green breakfast smoothie gives it a milder taste than using kale or most other fall greens (making it great for kids), while still providing a good dose of fiber and vitamins A and K. The slices of Honeycrisp apple lend seasonal flavor to this Green Smoothie with Apple, plus a generous dollop of peanut butter provides protein in a very yummy way. Feel free to be adventurous, swapping, adding, or subtracting ingredients as desired.

Garden Salsa

Homemade garden salsa is a perfect afternoon snack or appetizer for kids of all ages. Don’t hesitate to get creative, adding other tasty ingredients like corn and black beans. Use fresh tomatoes from the garden for best flavor.