Container Gardening

Creating a container garden is a genius way to grow your own vegetables and herbs, whether you’re short on space, don’t have a lot of time, are new to gardening, or simply want an easy way to add to your existing garden area. Let us help you get started.

Homeade Salsa Container Garden

Planting Plans for Containers

With a little forethought, your container garden can be as attractive as it is useful, adding to the beauty of your landscape while also providing a bounty of fresh vegetables and herbs. Browse these creative container garden designs for ideas on what grows well together and how to group the pots, then check out the links below for all the information you need to turn those plans into a thriving garden that will produce all season long.

Veggies in pots on a patio

Reasons to Grow Vegetable and Herbs in Pots

From simple convenience to conquering bad soil, there are many reasons to grow your garden in containers.

Watering an eggplant growing in a pot.

What You Can Grow in a Pot

Which vegetables and herbs grow well in containers? A lot more than you might think! Find out which ones made the list.

Veggies and flowers growing in a Whisky Barrel

Choose the Right Container

Follow these simple guidelines for picking the correct sizes and types of containers for all of the plants you want to grow.

Close up of pots painted blue.

Types of Pots

Containers are made from a variety of materials, each with benefits and drawbacks. Discover the best kind for your garden.

Adding potting mix to a yellow planting pot

Why You Need a Good Potting Mix

When it comes to container gardening, you need a different soil from the kind you dig out of the ground. Here’s why.

low growing veggies and flowers growing in decorative pots.

How Much Soil You Need

Now that you have your containers, it’s time to get the soil. This chart will help you figure out how many bags to buy.

Woman planting a bonnie basil in a teracota pot.

Caring for Vegetables in Pots

Once you have the pot, plants, and potting mix, it’s time to put them all together and get growing. Here are the basics.

Drip irrigation in a pot with an eggplant.

How to Water Your Container Garden

Plants in pots tend to dry out faster than those in traditional gardens or beds. Learn how to keep them properly watered.

Herbs growing and a box planter on a deck.

Growing Herbs in Containers

Planting in pots is an excellent, space-saving way to cultivate an herb garden. These tips can help you do just that.

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Decorative planting pot with veggies and flowers on a deck.

Easy Container Combos

Author and landscape architect Pamela Crawford knows all about making vegetables look beautiful. Check out these tips and tricks.

Large plants growing in containers

Container Inspiration Gallery

Veggies and herbs grown in pots can be as beautiful as they are good to eat. Browse these images for planting ideas worth stealing.

Gardener working a rooftop garden

Rooftop Gardening in Containers

An edible garden 18 stories above ground poses some challenges. Find out how one gardener handled them.

Herbs and straberries and a teracota strawberry jar

Growing Herbs in a Strawberry Jar

A strawberry jar isn’t just for growing berries. Learn how to turn one into a compact kitchen herb garden.

Multiple pots stacked to make a strawberry fountain

Create a Strawberry Fountain

Complete this easy, attractive project in less than an hour, then enjoy homegrown strawberries in just a few weeks’ time.